Offerings for newcomers

Here is a list of credit products that can serve people who have moved to the United States in the last five years

Find a credit card

Using a credit card in the U.S. is one of the easiest ways to build credit. People who have recently arrived in the U.S. can use their international credit history to apply for select credit cards. We partner with a range of providers who can help newcomers get credit cards. 

Apply for a student loan

International students often can’t finance their degrees through banks. Use your international credit to apply for a loan for your U.S. studies with MPOWER Financing.

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Find an auto loan

Interest rates for auto loans can be higher for newcomers who lack a U.S. credit score. Lendbuzz offers car loans and refinancing for recent arrivals who have little or no U.S. credit history. 

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Rent an apartment

Renting an apartment without a U.S. credit score can be hard, and often requires an increased deposit. We work with a number of tenant screening platforms to help you use your credit from another country. Ask your landlord if they use Yardi, Intellirent, or First Advantage to evaluate your rental application. Questions? Send us an email at

Transfer money

Avoid high rates from banks by using international money transfer providers who specialize in sending global person-to-person payments. MoneyGram is one of the simplest ways to send money from the U.S. back to your home country. 

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Find a cell phone plan

You can now use Nova Credit to access your international credit history and apply for a post-paid plans with a major U.S. cell phone company in selected cities. Feel free to send questions to