New Novan Doug Reed joins forces in globalizing credit data as Head of Engineering

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Doug Reed, Fintech industry leader and engineering executive, is now officially (and finally!) a Novan. After two years of working with Nova in an advisory capacity, Doug will take on the day-to-day responsibilities of software development and systems as Nova’s Head of Engineering.

This is big news for a scaling startup.

As the CTO and co-founder of a high-growth startup you have many responsibilities; assembling an engineering team in Silicon Valley starting from dev-count 0 is not an easy feat to get right. It has been an incredible journey for me of learning by iterating on recruiting methods, of building a great company culture, and of having jettisoned multitudes of agile processes in search of better ones. With Doug as a full-time Novan, I will be spearheading projects around Nova's intellectual property and long-term technology strategy.

Doug has been with us in a non full-time capacity for much of that journey, going back to Nova’s early days. We first met around the time of our seed round, when he helped us achieve our first SOC 2 Type I compliance. Since then, he has remained close to me as an advisor and has been tremendously helpful throughout the journey to build world-class engineering and information security functions. Talking to Doug on a regular basis and having Doug work closely with the engineering team made the decision easy: he has an incredible talent for bringing engineering talent together, and for having devs learn and grow like they never thought possible. I’m thrilled to get to continue this.

Doug's track record is extensive. From FinTech experience and character-defining entrepreneurial sprints, he has done it all. Most recently, he led engineering of Carta's Platform, Public Markets, and Fund Services in addition to being CISO. Before Carta, he founded fintech companies like SmartBiz Loans, the largest SBA lending platform for loans under $350k in the country. With his extensive track record in various fintech startups,  he is well equipped to take on the technical challenge at Nova of creating a truly globalized credit system. Combine that with the fact that Doug scaled multiple engineering teams successfully during his time with Carta, SmartBiz Loans and more, and you can see that we are incredibly fortunate to welcome him to the Nova family.

As a team, there are no words to adequately express our excitement to have Doug officially be a Novan. With his engineering leadership we know the next chapter of Nova will bring even more awesome automation and tooling, more stellar UX on our products, and an even better onboarding stack to support new incoming talent.

Welcome to the team, Doug!