International tenant screening for Intellirent's customer base

Laura Kreitler
Business Development at Nova Credit

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Intellirent that helps immigrants across the United States significantly ease their journey to renting an apartment in their new home country.

Intellirent is an online platform that offers a fully automated application process for apartment rentals, saving time and money for both the applicant and the property owner. With Nova Credit, Intellirent now serves new-to-country applicants that are creditworthy but have yet to establish credit in the United States. Property owners are able to grow their applicant pool by marketing their seamless customer application process.

“Most property owners overlook international applicants or put them through a cumbersome documentation process due to their lack of domestic credit history” said Corey Eckert, Founder of Intellirent. “We are overjoyed to partner with Nova Credit to roll out our solution to this consumer group. Intellirent is proud to expand its reach by offering a new opportunity to this large segment of renters. A driving principle behind Intellirent is to never stop innovating. Our partnership with Nova delivers on our promise to continue providing quality service to both agents and renters.”

The new service gives Intellirent client’s valuable insights about a prospective resident’s credit behavior that is otherwise hard to find. Most importantly, this enables property owners to quickly improve occupancy rates as well as decrease operational costs and delinquency risk in their resident pools. The service is available today through the Intellirent Credit Screening Solutions.

“We’re thrilled to offer international credit screening within Intellirent’s efficient apartment rental application process.” said Laura Kreitler, Head of Real Estate Partnerships at Nova Credit. “Together, we use technology and new reliable data to offer a solution that is a win for both property owners and international applicants across the country.”

The solution works by inviting applicants to submit a foreign credit check, which is automatically verified in secure databases of various foreign credit bureau partners. The credit file is then made available to property owners in a familiar, standardized format. They can then make a much more informed and timely leasing decisions about applicants that they otherwise would likely reject. Learn more about how the solution works on the Intellirent blog for renters.

Individuals interested in receiving a demonstration of the new solution can contact Cassandra Joachim at or Laura Kreitler

About Intellirent:

Founded in 2013, Intellirent has been a property owner and residential leasing professional’s go-to source for automated marketing and tenant screening. Proven to increase ROI through innovative technology and customer service, Intellirent saves you time. Read more about the Intellirent team at and stay up-to-date when you follow Intellirent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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