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Use your Nigerian credit report in the United States

Unfortunately, we are still working on launching U.S. credit card applications with Nigerian credit history. You can sign up for our waitlist below, and we'll let you know when we're live.

However, we still recommend applying for a U.S. credit card so you can start building credit as soon as possible. We've also already unlocked rental applications for Nigerian newcomers. More information on that below!

We can still help

Find your first U.S. credit card

Even though you cannot yet use your Nigerian credit report in the U.S., we still recommend applying for a credit card to build U.S. credit history as early as possible. See a list of credit cards that could be a fit for Nigerians in the United States.

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Rent an apartment

Renting an apartment without a U.S. credit score can be hard, and often requires an increased deposit. We work with a number of tenant screening platforms to help you use your credit from another country. Ask your landlord if they use Yardi, Intellirent, or First Advantage to evaluate your rental application. Questions? Send us an email at

Guides and resources for U.S. Newcomers

From Los Angeles to New York, we’ve got you covered. Explore our guides for newcomers that can help you learn everything from the in’s and out’s of American healthcare to navigating the school system, guides to American credit, visa processes and more.