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With Nova Credit, you can use your international credit history to apply for products from our partners such as credit cards, apartment rentals, loans and more. Select your country to see your options.

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Credit cards are popular in the U.S. for everyday purchases, which Americans often use to earn rewards like airline miles. If you apply for a credit card using your international credit history through Nova Credit and are approved, you can take advantage of these rewards while building a U.S. credit history.

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We’re creating a world beyond borders. Founded by immigrants for people new to the U.S. and those who have returned after spending time away, we’re passionate about empowering newcomers to use their international credit data to access financial products.


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Newcomers arriving in the U.S. now drive more than 50% of U.S. population growth. Yet lack of domestic credit history means millions of recent arrivals appear only as no-file or thin-file when applying for financial services. Nova Credit helps lenders access global consumer credit bureau data to acquire millions of these newcomers with no additional risk.