Access credit reports and consumers from around the world

Unlock millions of newcomer thin-file consumers by retrieving international credit data. More data. Better decisions. Drive incremental customer acquisitions.

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Your gateway to
international credit bureaus.

Nova Credit is a cross-border consumer reporting agency with direct integrations into leading credit bureaus around the world. We standardize, translate, and structure raw international consumer credit data in real-time, to deliver to you a single ready-to-use global Credit Passport™.

We source our data from the leading international credit bureaus around the world.

Serving immigrants is critical.

Missing out on millions of newcomer applicants is a recipe for losing market share.

They drive 50%+ of U.S. population growth

Around the world, newcomers account for the largest share of population growth in high-income countries.

They are high-quality borrowers

Newcomers arrive to North America in pursuit of career dreams and education. They are urban, highly skilled, and command significant salaries. H-1B salaries are 50% higher than the average domestic salary.

They are credit active, yet underserved

Newcomers are in need of your services: credit cards, loans, mortgages, leases and more, yet do not have access to the services they deserve.


Nova Credit serves customers across industries in both the U.S. and Canada. Our customers use our international credit reports to improve their services for recent immigrants, without jeopardizing their risk and operational standards.

Financial Services

“Credit data generated by Nova’s innovative platform created an immediate impact on our business from India and Mexico, which represents more than 30 percent of our current customer base.” → Learn more
Manu Smadja, CEO

Tenant Screening

“We’re excited to include seamless access to worldwide credit data through Nova Credit, a market leader in cross-border credit reporting, and provide a competitive advantage to property managers and their international applicants." → Learn more
Patrick Hennessey, VP/GM, Resident Screening

Tenant Screening

“We know that waiting can pose hardships all around, so the ability to gain rapid access to these reports before entering into leasing agreements is good news to property managers as well as our immigrant population." → Learn more
Joelle Smith, Executive Vice President

Canadian Financial Services

“TransUnion wants to ensure newcomers are given the opportunities they deserve to open new credit accounts. They have amassed a robust credit history in their country of origin, but this history previously hasn’t followed them, making them essentially credit-invisible. We want to change that!" → Learn more
Todd Skinner, President TransUnion Canada

Tenant Screening

“Intellirent is proud to expand its reach by offering a new opportunity to this large segment of renters. A driving principle behind Intellirent is to never stop innovating. Our partnership with Nova delivers on our promise to continue providing quality service to both agents and renters." → Learn more
Corey Eckert, CEO 


Nova Credit has built the world standard in cross-border credit reporting, and developed a network of in-house regulatory experts, industry advisors, and multilateral collaborators. Online privacy and data security are the most important aspects of our customer service and we take it incredibly seriously.

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  • Established Reseller Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) under the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Consumer consent framework by design and consumer opportunities to correct through dispute resolution processes
  • Regular review of information security practices and procedures, including SOC 2 Type 1 attestation