Building a World Beyond Borders - Nova Credit’s Mission

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The modern world as we know it has been created through the movement and collaboration of humans. Across changing borders, regions, and cultures, a continuous cycle of human migration and settlement is what defines us as different nations, composes our family histories, and shapes our personal stories.

As we settle, we develop systems that allow us to exist in one place. We create rules and regulations, boundaries and borders as ways of protecting and insuring what we have. These rules and regulations morph into economies, financial systems, and institutions. We invent our own ideas of national identity, and push for governance to follow. Eventually, we also create significant barriers to the flow of human migration, despite it being fundamental to what we’ve built.

America has been singular in the world for its support of immigrants, and the role of people’s movement in its history. Since the 1970s, the foreign-born population in the United States has risen from 10 million to over 46 million today. This growth is also reflected in our team at Nova Credit: more than 65% of Nova Credit employees identify as first, second, or third generation Americans. We’re proud of each other’s journeys across cultures and countries, and we use this diversity to serve our customers and community better.

The US’s openness to outsiders is changing. The current political debate centers around how and when to construct a barrier at the southern border, among other severe blocks to entry. Our news traffics unsubstantiated links between immigrants and economic strain or deterioration, and large, sweeping restrictions on immigration stem the flow of ideas, economic opportunity and innovation.

Today, the essence of what it means to be American is in question. Historically American values such as a fair and equal opportunity to come and be “as you are” is under threat without what we believe is sound or legitimate reason.

Our research and data shows that people move to the US with intentions of participating, contributing, and supporting its economy, but a major hurdle of establishing yourself financially as a newcomer to the states is the inability to establish a US credit history. Even a perfect credit score from Canada can’t be “carried over” to the states by any conventional means.

At Nova Credit, we’ve built a product to facilitate global credit migration. Our connected system of identification supports the seamless translation of financial value across borders and into new environments and new experiences. And we see every day the financial and economic contributions of the movement of people.

We strive to enable the flow of humans not just for their economic potential, but because of the value of that movement itself in bringing new perspectives, creativity, community, and innovation. For Nova Credit, we are here to dream up a world beyond borders and our mission is to inspire and empower the flow of people.

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