Canada’s first cross-border credit bureau

Millions are excluded from fair access to credit products due to gaps in the traditional credit system. We’re building a financially inclusive world to make it easier, faster and more equitable for you to access credit products and services upon arrival in Canada.

About Nova Credit Canada

The Challenge

Every year, hundreds of thousands of creditworthy individuals immigrate to Canada. Upon arrival, newcomers leave years of credit history behind them in their home country. As a result, newcomers struggle to access fairly priced credit-based products like credit cards, car finance or mobile phone plans.

Our Solution

We work with lenders and financial services providers in Canada, allowing them to access 'lost' credit histories across the world and to make better credit assessments, ultimately treating new-to-country applicants as fairly as possible.

Built for Immigrants, by Immigrants

Founded by immigrants, we have a diverse team from around the globe who believe in a world where anyone can realise their potential, and businesses can see people for who they can become.