Trump’s State of The Union Address: A denunciation against immigrants

Spread across our office, our website, and our company values is a central cultural idiom that defines Nova Credit:

As a company that holds almost as many passports as people, we continue to be saddened by how deeply the animus runs in the highest levels of American politics against people like us or our customers. President Trump’s State of the Union this week repeated the tired and xenophobic trope of a barriered border as the only way for “America’s children to achieve great things.” The president cited unsubstantiated claims linking immigrants to violence and crime, such as attributing recent terrorist attacks to “chain migration”, and “putting the ruthless coyotes, cartels, drug dealers, and human traffickers out of business.”

Our data shows that immigrants arrive in this country not with intentions to usurp the economy but rather with the means to support it. At Nova, we’ve built a product to facilitate the financial journey of immigrants to their new home country. Newcomers to the US routinely have proof of great behavior abroad and earnings potential here that any bank would love to serve.

Don’t just take our word for it: ask any of our customers, including some of the largest US financial institutions and property managers, why they want to serve this new segment so badly. We have no doubt that they would describe a vastly different profile than the one caricatured in much of the media today.

But even this data glosses over a more fundamental point about current immigration policy. We strive to build bridges and not walls not because we can benefit from those who cross the bridges. We do so because each human life has value; value that is independent of economic considerations or potential.

While we support the pursuit of national safety and public health, we are calling for sensible, rational policy discussions based on facts about how to conduct a more orderly immigration process, and question whether building a wall is the solution.

If you are one of the many Americans that agree, we urge you to call your representative and let your voice be heard. Additionally, we at Nova have partnered with outstanding and inspiring organizations such as Upwardly Global, the International Rescue Committee or Border Angels who celebrate the contributions that immigrants can bring. To donate or to support the volunteer work of these organizations, please contact us or these organizations directly via the hyperlinks mentioned above.

We remain committed to our mission of enabling immigrants to realize their potential. We thank you for your continued support of our work toward eliminating barriers for immigrants to set up a life in their new home.

Loek, Misha & Nicky -- Co-founders of Nova Credit