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Approve the Right Applicants in Your Funnel

Technology designed to meet the expectations of banks, fintechs, tenant screeners and credit unions

For Banks

Balance growth and risk goals with consumer-permissioned data

We give you quick and secure access to the credit risk data you need to responsibly manage your portfolio.

Some of our partners:

American Express



In times of volatility, rather than tightening credit boxes, get additional credit risk information from consumers to help make more informed underwriting decisions

Innovate faster

Offer new products and support growth goals 9–12 months faster than building solutions yourself

Achieve ESG goals

Develop underwriting strategies to extend access to underserved communities

For Fintechs

Achieve aggressive growth goals, profitably

Better credit risk data can improve your go-to-market strategy. With Nova Credit, you can open new target markets, build a profitable business, and adopt technologies that scale as you grow.

Some of our partners:

Mpower Financing
Prodigy Finance


Scale quickly

Leverage production-ready risk attributes and scores from consumer-permissioned data to make more informed underwriting decisions

Reach new consumers

Offer new products and support growth goals 9–12 months faster than building solutions yourself

Competitive differentiation

Lead your industry and open more growth opportunities by lending to underserved consumers

For Tenant Screeners

Affordability is the key to identifying creditworthy tenants

Improve the overall screening experience and reach more deserving consumers with more accurate credit risk data.

Some of our partners:

SafeRent Solutions


Improved efficiencies

Save time for your teams and your customers with a seamless digital experience

Accurate income estimates

Ensure real income matches an applicant’s stated income

Expand to new customers

Assess risk for deserving newcomers and underserved communities with trusted data

For Credit Unions

Exceed the lending needs of your community

Provide an unmatched customer experience with data consumers trust. Nova Credit allows you to transform your lending experience with technologies that scale as you grow.

Using Nova Credit's services, we have a better way to quickly and accurately evaluate the loan requests of members outside the U.S.

United Nations Federal Credit Union


Digital-first experiences

Support remote interactions while still conveying personal member experience.

Support deserving members

Improve the member experience with the right crest; recommend right product and right limits.

The right products & the right credit terms

Stay more relevant than fintechs by offering the right products for each member.

For Auto Lenders

Issue auto loans that win dealers and customers for life

Direct and indirect auto loans and auto subscriptions have their own unique challenges. Leverage credit risk data to provide the best consumer experience.

Some of our partners:



Offer the best terms

Move more metal by providing the best terms for consumers and dealers alike

Reach new customers

Offer new products and support growth goals 9– 12 months faster than building solutions yourself

Long-term loyalty

Dealers want partners who can provide the best lending experience

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