Income Navigator

Accelerate Income Verification with a More Flexible and Wide-coverage Solution

Income Navigator is a customizable, end-to-end solution to accurately and seamlessly automate income assessments where traditional methods fall short.

Partners have seen conversion rates improve up to 80% over previous solutions by leveraging our waterfall with bank, payroll, and pay stub data.


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How Income Navigator Works

Create a true picture of income with broad coverage bank data, payroll systems, and pay stub data. Leverage an efficient and accurate process to confirm an applicant’s income in seconds.

Nova Credit automatically triggers a waterfall process to verify the applicant’s income through multiple sources. User journeys are highly adaptable to maximize conversion rates. 

Applicants will be guided to connect one or multiple bank account(s), and can choose to upload a pay stub if they are unable to connect a bank account. Pay stubs are automatically reviewed for fraudulent activity.

Nova Credit delivers income verification data directly via API so you can make informed decisions instantly.  Income verification can also be delivered via PDF to maximize speed of implementation.

Why Income Navigator

Improve conversions by up to 80%

Income Navigator’s waterfall provides broad coverage with 98%+ of the U.S. market, leveraging bank data, payroll systems, and pay stub data.

Reduce fraud

Out-of-the-box measures can detect document tampering and straight-from-the-source data to reduce fraud.

Customizable consumer flows and waterfalls

Improve operational underwriting costs by automating internal review processes and reduce manual intervention to review document uploads.

How we're different

Multiple Ways to Collect Income Data

All-in-one solution to collect bank, payroll, and pay stub data through multiple data aggregators or manual document upload.

Fraud-resistant Data

Use seasoned data collected directly from banking institutions (or payroll for income) to reduce risk of fraud.

Income Model

Get a true picture of income with multiple income types, including traditional, gig economy, and alternative income.

Customer Operations and Dispute Management

Leverage full-service customer management for data related disputes, currently executed for global banks.

Customized Workflows

Create customized consumer experiences using embedded and no-code options and retrieve processed data through role-based dashboard access or an API integration.

Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) Compliance

Nova Credit operates as a consumer reporting agency, built with multi-national regulatory frameworks in mind to support large enterprise needs.

By The Numbers


Broadest coverage: 98%+ of the U.S. market, leveraging bank data, payroll systems, and pay stub data.


Widespread adoption: over 4,000 customers use our Income Navigator solution.


Conversion lift: partners have increased consumer conversion rate by a factor of 80% vs. previous solutions.

Nova Credit’s income verification tool has delivered excellent, tangible results for our business — higher loan conversion, a shorter time to fund, and ultimately a great member experience because the process is so seamless.

Ratinder Bedi | Chief Credit Officer, SoFi

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