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How we work

We’re in the business of credit so we like to give credit where credit is due. We’ve built our company values to reflect what we appreciate and provide an environment where everyone can flourish. Our culture grows organically so that we are prepared to constantly evolve and remain connected as a team.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is more than just hitting the numbers. We want every Novan from every background to feel comfortable and truly themself at work. Our engineering culture and company core values guide us every day. Building our best selves is a top company objective at Nova Credit.

Tie our
neighbor’s shoes

Play as a team, 
win as a team!

Chug like a train,
soar like a plane

Be a go-getter and always ready
to get your hands dirty!

Build bridges,
not walls

We believe in supporting
the traditionally disadvantaged.

without ego

Don’t let your ego
get in the way of truth.

Life at Nova Credit

We are located in our beautiful office in downtown San Francisco.
No two days of working at Nova Credit are the same, and we try to make the most of the journey with many adventures together.


Software Engineer
"I joined Nova for the opportunity to make a tangible difference in others' lives — financial services remains one of the most stagnant yet far-reaching industries that affects everyone.

And the people at Nova! People at Nova are some of the brightest, quirkiest, most humble humble human beings I've met."
International Partnerships
"I've dedicated my career to promoting financial inclusion in emerging markets, and am thrilled to continue that thread at Nova by ensuring that immigrants can access quality financial services in their new home country.

I joined Nova because I believe that this is the right team to solve this complex problem, and because working with these people each day makes me smarter and better (and makes me laugh!)."
"As a German immigrant to the U.S. I face the problem of lacking domestic credit history myself, meaning I’m helping to solve my own problem!

What I love most about Nova are its authentic people and that we’re facing one of the toughest business challenges that I’ve seen."
Customer Success
"I joined Nova because I care deeply about financial inclusion, and enabling broader access to credit history is one of the most powerful ways to achieve that.

My favorite part about working at Nova is hearing from our customers to gain an understanding of how Nova can support their goals and help them grow."

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Compensation & Equity
Health Insurance
Unlimited Paid Time Off
Parental Leave
Fly anywhere once a year
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