Consumer FAQ

A collection of frequently asked questions by our consumers.

What is your business model? How do you get paid?

I was told immigrants can’t get a card or start building history. How does Nova work?

Who are your partners?

Is my financial information safe using Nova?

If I don’t have a Social Security Number, will I start building credit history even if I’m approved for a credit card?

How do I know if I’ve built credit history before?

How does my Nova credit report get used?

Will my overseas credit report data appear on my US credit report?

When Nova pulls my file on my behalf abroad, will it be a hard pull or a soft pull?

Something’s wrong with my data - what do I do?

I was applying for a loan or an apartment and got redirected to Nova. What is this?

Why do U.S.-based lenders or landlords want my overseas credit data?

How does Nova work with my lender/landlord?

Does Nova have data about me?

How do I know if my lender/landlord accepts Nova data?