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December 15th 2023

Main Takeaways: Cash Flow is Here: Top use cases helping underwriters today

Join a panel of industry experts as they dive into cash flow underwriting’s practical use cases & access the entire webinar on demand.

Credit experts Sarah Davies, Naga Parvatharajan, Brian Hughes, and Chris Hansen shared how best to implement cash flow underwriting, discussed the implications of the CFPB’s proposed 1033 rule, and explored how lenders can quickly leverage cash flow data through growth and recessionary periods. 

The roundtable discussion can be reviewed its entirety here, and below we’ve summarized the top takeaways from the conversation. 

The CFPB’s proposed 1033 Rule is the biggest stride forward we’ve seen for cash flow underwriting. 

This is a huge win for consumers and lenders, by reducing friction to make it safe and efficient for consumers to permission their data. However, important aspects still need to be discerned - in particular, how analytics companies are allowed to use the data.

We expect lenders will see even more value from cash flow data during times of increased volatility

Many lenders are thinking about cash flow underwriting as a way to increase their addressable market or turn declines into approvals, but cash flow data will be invaluable in the next recession as lenders are able to make nuanced decisions using real-time signals. This will really separate the leaders and laggards. 

The biggest winners in the rapidly changing landscape will be those lenders who are consumer-centric. 

Lenders that implement cash flow underwriting are already seeing a 20-30% lift in conversion and a 10% lift in credit quality as they expand their addressable market.

Consumers win because they have control over their data &  lenders win because they have access to data to make more informed credit decisions in real-time.

Interested in learning more? Access the entire webinar on demand here.

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