Apply for a U.S. credit card using your foreign credit history

America Josh has partnered with Nova Credit to help you as you move to the United States. Nova Credit can use your foreign credit history from select countries to help you apply for a U.S. credit card as a U.S. newcomer.

Available to newcomers without U.S. credit history from:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nova Credit has partnered with lenders and international credit bureaus to help newcomers apply for products and services using their international credit history. When you apply with Nova Credit, you generally have the option to add your international credit history to your application.

We take compliance and information security very seriously. We incorporate security best practices into all aspects of our business and are audited by third parties against industry standards (e.g. SOC 2 Type II) and have received applicable certifications (e.g. ISO 27001) covering our information security management systems.

Typically, newcomers to the U.S. have trouble accessing financial products like credit cards because they do not have a U.S. credit score. With Nova Credit, you can use your international credit history.

At the moment, our partners do not require an SSN to apply for a U.S. credit card. This may change at any time and providers may require you to provide an SSN in the future.

Using Nova Credit is free for consumers like you. We get paid by our partners who want to serve newcomers to the United States.

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