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Premium Credit Cards

Build your credit history and earn rewards with a brand new US credit card.

Apartment Leases

Avoid massive upfront deposits when applying for an apartment lease.

Auto Leases

Explore your new home with an auto lease at an affordable rate.

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From immigrants, for immigrants

Nova Credit was launched by three US immigrants and has since evolved into the premier service for helping immigrants plant their roots. Our team comes from all over the world and is passionate about empowering consumers to use their data to improve financial access.

Olamide A.

Immigrated from London, UK

I had applied to a credit card previously and was rejected which was really frustrating as I had credit cards before.

Now I was able to get approved for a credit card in a really short process. The experience felt so positive, and I also loved getting a free copy of my report.

Yasmin R.

Immigrated from London, UK

"I have a masters degree and have lived in the US for three years and haven’t been able to get a credit card.

This application took less than 3 minutes."

Lucas L.

Immigrated from Toronto, Canada

"Getting my first US credit card means a lot to me. It means that buying a car, home, and eventually, a loan if necessary, are possible for me. My goal is to be able to stay here for a long time and I know that building good credit takes a long time.

Being able to access credit in the US through Nova Credit allows me to call this place home."

Phil G.

Immigrated from London, UK

"The single most stressful thing about moving to the US was figuring out a way how to transfer my credit report.

Through Nova Credit, I was not only able to do that, but also get a credit card from one of their bank partners in the process."

Pradeep N.

Immigrated from India

"I can’t put a tangible value on what Nova has done for me. As a new immigrant, it’s really hard to get started, even if you have great credit elsewhere. Nova made it so much easier to get my life in the US started. I’m really, really thankful."

A cross-border credit bureau

We partner with leading credit bureaus from around the world to help immigrants transfer their credit history from the following countries to the US:

*Brazil & Korea expected Dec-2018. Check this website for updates.